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Nutmeg Public Adjusters, Inc.

Meet the Nutmeg Adjusters Team

John Cotter, Jr., Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Nutmeg Adjusters, Inc.
John has been adjusting commercial and residential property claims and is licensed with the State of Connecticut for over thirty years. He is a member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjuster along with the Connecticut Association of Public Insurance Adjusters in which he is a Committee Member. He is also a member of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council. John resides in Milford, Connecticut.

Richard Ouellette, SPPA
Rich Ouellette is the Vice President of Nutmeg Adjusters and brings insurance knowledge from the company’s point of view, after working in that capacity for eighteen years handling commercial and residential claims. He has earned the title of Senior Professional Public Adjuster by the National Association of Public Adjusters. He has been with Nutmeg Adjusters, Inc. for seventeen years and is currently serving as the President of the Connecticut Association of Public Adjusters. Rich resides on Newington, Connecticut.

Jack Cotter, PA
Jack has been with Nutmeg Adjusters for over fourteen years and has been licensed since 2004 prior to Jack receiving his license he was an estimator for the company and had attended the Vale Training Solutions School in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Jack is a member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters along with the Connecticut Association of Public Insurance Adjusters in which he is a Committee Member. Jack resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

Kara A. DeMorro, PA
Kara A. DeMorro has been employed with Nutmeg Adjusters, Inc. since 2002. Kara has been a licensed public adjuster since 2009. She is experienced and educated in both research and investigations. As a member of the Connecticut Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, Kara currently serves on both social and legislative committees. Kara has extensive experience in preparing building estimates, as well as adjusting content, commercial, and homeowner claims. Kara has been a board member of the First Oronoke Condominium Association for the 10 past years. Kara has thorough knowledge and experience in condominium law, and handling condominium claims. She is currently a member of the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce. Kara is a graduate of the University of New Haven and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Kara resides in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Thomas G. Cotter
Tom Cotter has been with Nutmeg Adjusters for over fifteen years working in dual capacity as contents inventory specialist and most recently working on large losses as an estimator for flood, fire and hurricanes. Tom resides in New York.

Dana M. Nardi, Office Manager
Dana Nardi has been a part of our Nutmeg team since 1998. She handles the clerical, technical & financial aspects of our company. Dana is involved with the contents inventory along with evaluation and preparing the contents estimates for the insured for all types of losses. Dana resides in Southington, Connecticut

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Our assistance is invaluable for an individual or a business owner who has suffered a loss and is contemplating submitting an insurance claim. We will help you understand what will be required to document your claim and work with you to expedite the presentation of it. We will assist you in the valuation of your claim with assistance from unbiased professionals. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation!


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